Candidate Testimonials

I have used TEAM for years of consulting worldwide for various clients. They pay on time, they are very helpful and I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of consulting, or who is not happy with their current agency.

Steve Devereux, Drilling & Completions

TEAM Energy is full of talented and energetic professionals

William Mulengwa, Fabrication & Construction

TEAM are a very professional operation and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for agency work.

Ian Watker, Drilling & Completions

In December 2012 I accepted a contract with TEAM Energy as Project Engineer for Saudi Aramco based in Seoul, South Korea. At that time the North Korean leader was threatening with nuclear war, the daily temperature was -14C and with a western population on the streets that appeared to be nonexistent. Therefore on arrival in Seoul I was a little apprehensive, however, the support provided by TEAM Energy enabled me to quickly gain my confidence and settle into my assigned project role. Throughout my assignment James, Anita, Lisa and Louis has been tremendous, providing me total support, no issue was ever a problem. I will always be thankful to the team and for making my 2 year assignment a complete success for everybody including a very satisfied Client.

Mike Suckling, FEED & Detailed Engineering

I'm very pleased with TEAM Energy's collaboration. Payment is always on time and even managed to secure airline booking when I was not capable to do so.

Ladislau Buda, FEED & Detailed Engineering

Quick response to any questions and high commitment in solving all problems.

Marian Tabacaru, Workover Supervisor, Drilling & Completions

From when I was first contacted about the post, to boots on the ground TEAM energy made the whole process quick and easy.

Frazer Findlay, Drilling & Completions

I have been with TEAM for several years now it's been a good relationship TEAM are professional they are proactive they take care of everything I know I am in good hands

Julian Abbots, Drilling & Completions

Very good and professional

Tiziana Bergancini, FEED & Detailed Engineering

TEAM Energy have been excellent......very helpful and friendly throughout. Very quick response with queries that I have had and always very helpful. They provide a very professional but friendly attitude which is excellent.

Jason Mathews, Offshore HSE

I feel the service has been very satisfactory so definitely a 5 out of 5. The information you sent was very helpful. Anytime I have called my questions have been fully answered. There was a seamless transition to working for TEAM Energy that made the process painless.

Iain Sutherland, Drilling & Completions

In my short time working with TEAM I would give a rating of 5 out of 5, highly satisfied. Firstly, and most importantly all invoices submitted to date have been paid on time and without a hitch. Also, any queries that I have directed to them throughout the start-up process have been dealt with quickly and decisively.

George Simpson, Drilling & Completions

I just want to say thanks so much for excellent arrangements you have made for me getting to Qatar and also the team work in the meet and greet without any doubt it's the best I have ever had in my life, you have a great team and I want to say I will and am very proud to be joining your very professional operation and I look forward to being part of your team. I have been around few operators and this without doubt yours is exceptional and I have been singing your praise throughout the day to friends. Thank you very much.

Norman Ferguson, Drilling & Completions