Client Testimonials

I have worked with TEAM as both client and consultant for many years, during that time I have found them to be not only an open and honest organisation, but also they have the technical know how to ensure the consultants fit the clients needs. This makes the whole process pretty much seamless from both perspectives.

Jim Hulme, Drilling Manager and TEAM Consultant

For many years I worked through TEAM as a consultant and found them to be a professional, open and honest organisation. Now I am a client and find that they know what I am looking for with minimum information often resulting in a successful conclusion to meet our needs

Brian Teggart, Well Engineering Manager Ghana Deepwater Tullow Oil Plc

The consultant market is a vital component of our overall resourcing strategy, the understanding that Team Energy have of what makes a good Engineer or Wellsite Supervisor, in addition to their understanding of our needs as a client combine to mean that they help us to access the quality consultant talent we often need.

Ian Ferguson, Regional Discipline Advisor Well Engineering Europe Shell U.K. Limited

An excellent response to this new personnel request from TEAM Energy, many thanks.

Kamal Jardaneh, Director KBJ Drilling